Inventing a story on the outside and discovering a secret play space on the inside.

Children love a good story. Playing on the structures from STORY MAKERS™, children get to create and live out their own little play story. STORY MAKERS™ is one big invitation to play. Both motor skills and cognition will be stimulated at high speed. The series offer a two-level play space filled with bright colours, firendly shaped, and rounded edges. A gentle and happy look that inspires children to play. STORY MAKERS™ is as flexible as it gets. You have multiple design options when first designing the playground, and later, the panels can be changed to give the playground new life without having to change the entire playground.

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Combining clear colours with soft and friendly shapes, STORY MAKERS say: “Hey, come play with me.” Sliding, swinging and wobbling never gets old, even as younger children grow up from being toddlers. STORY MAKERS tantalises with themes children identify with, and that inspire play, spark the imagination, and support the development of important learning skills. The bright colours send warm, comfortable signals, while also helping children develop spatial awareness as they play.